Traci Park And Clara Harter Of The Santa Monica Daily Press Talk About Homelessness On The Westside Of Los Angeles

Traci Park

A few weeks back, Traci Park sat down in the studio with Clara Harter of the Santa Monica Daily Press to talk about campaign issues on the Westside of Los Angeles. In this free-ranging discussion, Traci and Clara talk about Traci’s decision to run for City Council, public safety, and homelessness.

Clara Harter’s Interview With Traci Park



A practicing attorney for 20 years, Traci advises and represents businesses and public entities, including cities, counties, and other agencies throughout the State of California. She works on the forefront of the most pressing municipal and business issues in our State, which positions her well to be an influential and respected member of the LA City Council. You can read more about Traci’s plans for a safe and prosperous Westside here ยป





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