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Did you know? Today in Los Angeles we have essentially the same number of LAFD fire stations that we had in the 1970’s, while daily calls for service have tripled over the last 35 years. Despite population increases in the City over the last several decades, hiring and growth at LAFD have not kept up pace.

The last decade has been difficult for our firefighters and paramedics. After budget cuts and a 5-year hiring freeze, followed by more than two years of pandemic challenges and an exploding homelessness crisis where overdoses, mental health emergencies, and encampment fires are putting increased stress on our public safety resources, our Fire Department is stretched too thin. They have been on the front lines without a break, and with too little support, for far too long.



Our firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics face huge risks to their own health and safety every time they respond to a call for service, which is about 1,500 times per day, or every 35 seconds. In 2021, LAFD responded to 6,239 calls just in the 90291 zip code. You can check out the frequency of calls in your neighborhood here:

LAFD  LAFD Responds


Despite the breadth and scope of everything the LAFD handles, budget limitations continually hinder the Department’s ability to secure needed tools, technology, and equipment. The LAFD Foundation has to raise money to cover the budgetary gap to purchase essential items like night vision goggles, brush fire helmets, crew packs, structure fire bailout systems, and other vital equipment. (Click here to donate to the Foundation).

With retirements looming and demands on LAFD increasing every year, we need to start planning now to grow and expand their ranks. I am proud to be endorsed by the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, I look forward to working with our LAFD Firefighters and Chief Crowley to ensure the Department has all the staffing, resources, equipment, and funding necessary to keep our communities safe!

Our first responders at LAFD do their best every single day. Let’s all do the same.

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