Organizational Endorsements

Traci Park endorsed by UFLAC

United Firefighters of Los Angeles City (UFLAC)

The United Firefighters of Los Angeles City are proud to endorse Traci Park’s campaign for LA City Council. Traci has demonstrated the leadership and determination needed to be an excellent councilmember. We believe Traci will be a terrific partner in helping our firefighters and paramedics secure the resources we need to effectively protect all the residents of Los Angeles.

Freddy Escobar
President of UFLAC
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City represents the city’s 3,000+ firefighters and paramedics.

Traci Park endorsed by LAPPL

Los Angeles Police Protective League

Traci Park is law enforcement’s choice for City Council District 11. She will protect our neighborhoods, make them safer, and be a no-nonsense Councilmember. That’s why the Police Protective League that represents the 9000-plus men and women of the LAPD has unanimously endorsed her.

Lt. Craig Lally
President of the LAPPL

Traci Park endorsed by LAAPOA

The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association (LAAPOA)

Traci Park is a strong advocate for public safety and sound environmental policies that will benefit her constituents in the district and the City of Los Angeles as a whole. LAAPOA is proud to give her our endorsement and support in her race for the 11th Council District seat.

Marshall McClain
LAAPOA President

Traci Park endorsed by PORAC

Peace Officers Research Association Of California

Traci Park will be an excellent District 11 Los Angeles City Council member, especially in regard to the issues involving public safety.  As public safety officers, we appreciate her willingness to keep the avenues of communication open and for her concerted efforts to seek our input on issues involving public safety and law enforcement.  These qualities make her truly deserving of the PORAC endorsement.

Brian R. Marvel
PORAC President

Traci Park endorsed by ALADS

Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS)

The Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs is proud to join our fellow law enforcement partners in supporting Traci Park in her race for Los Angeles City Council in District 11. We recognize Traci’s years of experience working with public safety officers and are confident that she will make policy decisions designed to keep neighborhoods on the Westside safe.

James Wheeler
ALADS President

BizFed Endorses Traci Park

Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed)

Traci Park is an accomplished attorney and community advocate who will bring passion and expertise to City Hall. She has a clear vision for how to move Council District 11 forward and will fight hard to support a vibrant business community that works. Traci has been at the forefront of consequential municipal law matters in Los Angeles for years. She knows how government operates and will be ready to lead on Day 1 as a policymaker.

Susan Trigueros
Chair of the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed) PAC

Traci Park endorsed by CCLEA

California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)

Traci Park’s commitment to protecting public safety, and her depth of experience and understanding of law enforcement’s unique challenges and professional standards, will make her the leader local communities deserve.  On behalf of our 40 member police associations and 150,000 peace officers, we are proud to endorse Traci Park for Los Angeles City Council.

Traci Park endorsed by LAACC

Los Angeles Area Chamber Of Commerce

Traci has clearly demonstrated to the L.A. Area Chamber that she values Los Angeles’ major employers and job producers as partners in helping bring greater prosperity to the residents of CD11, and that she is committed to providing the CD11 workforce with new and affordable housing options near where they work in order to help fight climate change. We look forward to working with Traci as CD11’s next Councilmember and strongly urge voters to join us in supporting her.

The Chamber represents more than 1,400 Los Angeles-based member companies with over 650,000 employees.

LA Chamber of Commerce

Traci Park endorsed by CRA

California Restaurant Association (CRA)

The Los Angeles Food and Beverage Political Action Committee has voted to support Traci Park for Los Angeles City Council District 11 and we look forward to working together to help create a favorable policy environment for the long restaurant recovery ahead.

Lynne Davidson
L.A. Food and Beverage PAC Trustee, representing CRA

Traci Park endorsed by SMPOA

Santa Monica Police Officers Association (SMPOA)

The Santa Monica Police Officers Association is proud to announce it is endorsing Traci Park for the Los Angeles City Council District 11 seat. Crime knows no boundaries and the SMPOA is endorsing Traci because she is uniquely qualified and will support a strong working relationship between the LAPD and the SMPD that will make the residents of Traci’s council district and Santa Monica safer.”

Sgt. Gerardo Leyva
Chairman of the SMPOA


Recall Mike Bonin

We are excited to endorse Traci Park to be our next City Councilmember for District 11. She has spent the last year on the ground meeting people, listening, and preparing to implement change on Day 1. Traci has proven she is ready to do the work, she has the most support, and we need to ensure a victory for her on June 7th.

-Katrina Schmitt
Lead Proponent

-Nico Ruderman
Lead Proponent

Personal Endorsements

Traci Park endorsed by guy

Traci is the most competent candidate running for City Council. CD11 needs her passion to serve.

Guy Okazaki

Traci Park endorsed by Barbara Kohn

Traci has been visiting residents in the Palisades this past year and from the first time I met her I liked her. She came to hear what we thought and what we needed! She responded to our concerns in a way that showed me she was listening and understood our concerns. Traci’s vision puts families and communities first and that’s what CD 11 desperately needs. I support her 100% and urge you to do the same.

Barbara Kohn
Current president, Pacific Palisades Historical Society; former president, Pacific Palisades Community Council; member, Pacific Palisades Design Review Board; former president, Pacific Palisades Residents Association; Prop K representative, CD 11 north (15 years)

In my work as a security guard near the Venice boardwalk, I’ve had many encounters with homeless folks. One resulted in me losing a Finger. I’m a Firsthand witness to our ongoing mental health and drug use crisis and I’m so glad that people such as Traci Park are stepping up. I know she resigned from her successful law partnership to serve our community. Thank you so much, Traci.

Tariq “T” Ali

Traci Park is the only candidate in the race who is bold enough to do what needs to be done on the issue of homeless and related crime and safety issues.  She has a clear vision for a better CD11. She is a true stakeholder in our community, not a politician trying to ride the merry-go-round of a life in elected office.

Bob Carlson
CEO, Arbor Collective

When you are in a fight for your life, you need people who will stand with you and fight with you. This is a fight for our lives! It’s a fight for what we want our communities to become. It’s a fight for our voices to be heard AND to be listened to. It’s a fight for us to dictate when we’ve had enough. Traci is a fighter. A fighter is just what we need right now.

CC Carter
Venice Neighborhood Council (former)

One of the things I like best about Traci is the way she works to unite the residents of CD11. She’s been to the Palisades many times, and I know she’s done the same all over the district. Instead of pitting neighborhoods against each other, Traci brings people together to achieve our shared objectives.”

Sharon Kilbride
Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association & BOCA Neighborhood Association*

Traci Park Endorsement

I’m backing Traci because I’ve seen firsthand how she views her primary role as advocating for the residents of CD11, not her own ideological agenda. She’s an amazing listener, has a brilliant legal mind, and will work to build coalitions. The Westside will get a fresh start with Traci.”

Justin Gordon
Del Rey Resident, LA County Bar Association Barristers/Young Attorneys Executive Committee Member*

traci park with jeff hall

I’ve been a close observer of the CD11 political scene for over 30  years and Traci is right up there with the best. She is smart, she does her homework and she knows the issues. Traci also has the grit to get things done that need to be done. Traci will make us proud again; I look forward to seeing her become our next councilmember.

Jeff Hall

Traci Park endorsed by Chie Lunn

Traci Park is a true Democrat who believes in hard work, equal opportunities, and giving those who are struggling the tools to succeed. Traci is ready and capable of helping CD11 rebuild into a fruitful community with us by her side.

Chie Lunn
Venice Neighborhood Council*

Traci Park endorsed by Theresa Torrance

“I am supporting Traci Park because she has the skills, experience, and passion to effectuate much-needed change. We need a leader who respects the voices of the community as a whole, and can address matters responsibly and with compassion. She will make sure to provide the services and resources needed for the unhoused and clean up our city and make it safer for everyone.

Theresa Torrance
Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa*

Traci Park with Krishna

I’ve seen how much Traci cares about Pacific Palisades, because she’s been out here many times to learn what matters to all of us who live here. And I know she’s done the same thing all over our district. She’s warm, compassionate, and accessible. I totally trust her to represent our interests at City Hall.

Krishna Thangavelu
Beaches and Parks 4 All

“Traci Park is the only candidate who can provide a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm to lead CD11 and Los Angeles into a future that adequately addresses the complex problems we face. Whether that’s resolving homelessness in our public spaces, reassessing the dwindling effectiveness of city services, or re-engaging the community in local governance, she has the intelligence, clarity and tenacity to make changes happen.

Brennan Lindner
Friends of Venice Boardwalk, Venice Chamber Board of Directors, Venice Neighborhood Council (former)*

It is my honor to endorse Traci Park for a seat on the LA City Council because I believe it is important for the constituents of the 11th  district to vote into office an individual capable of restoring the deficits suffered over the past two terms. Traci has great intellect, knowledge of the district’s geography, demographics, and unique issues – and she has comprehensively researched remedies for district problems that would benefit us all.

Allan Zuckerman
Retired LA County Sheriff’s Deputy

CD11 needs to “Park It” with Traci Park because we need our parks to be safe from homelessness and crime. The same can be said for our streets, which have become “mean streets” instead of walkable streets. Kindness, conviction, and unity should be the hallmark of a council district that wants to fix, and not merely exploit, problems that impact all of us. We need a Councilmember who listens, and who isn’t tone-deaf to those who are suffering on our streets – or who don’t want live in daily fear of increasing crime and decreased quality of life. We need CD11 to be a place for people to move to, and not flee from.

Ken Alpern, M.D.
Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) founding member and 15-year board member, and former co-chair of the MVCC Transportation, Planning, and Outreach Committees

I have had the privilege of working with Traci Park for over 20 years in her capacity as counsel to some of the largest municipalities in Southern California. In this capacity, Traci worked closely with elected and appointed officials throughout California. She developed a deep network of colleagues who respected her legal acumen and practical approach of addressing legal challenges grounded in public policy. She also gained a profound insight into the workings of governmental agencies ranging from small local districts, large cities and counties rivaling the size of the City of Los Angeles, to sprawling state and federal governing and regulatory agencies.

Traci was always a zealous advocate for her clients. While we often found ourselves on opposite sides of legal disputes, she approached each conflict as a problem to solve quickly and efficiently. Traci is one of those rare individuals who will assume her position on the City Council with a keen knowledge of City operations, budgeting, and services.

Traci will be as faithful a public servant as she was a practicing attorney. We can confidently rely on Traci to protect the public treasury and preserve the public trust.

Arnold P. Peter
Attorney At Law, Peter Law Group

Traci Park endorsed by Mike Gatto

I’m endorsing Traci Park for Los Angeles City Council. While others have just talked, I know Traci to be a consistent and tireless worker for safer streets and real solutions to the homelessness crisis. She is by far the best choice to restore safe streets for the Westside.

Mike Gatto
Assemblyman (Ret.)(D-Los Angeles)

I’ve personally known and worked with Traci Park for many years. She is a leader on public sector issues and a highly skilled attorney. She will bring her years of experience solving complex municipal problems to the Los Angeles City Council, and I know she will fight to best serve her constituents.

Brock Avery
Former Assistant Chief of Police for City of Ventura

Traci Park endorsed by Phil Brock

The relationship between Santa Monica and CD11 is absolutely vital to the success of LA’s Westside. Traci’s vision follows our shared values and I look forward to working with her to solve homelessness and make our communities safe.

Phil Brock
Santa Monica City Council

Traci Park with Chris Lisa Bonbright

Traci is a dream candidate for CD 11. She is smart, talented, and will dig in. Traci deeply understands and is passionate about the issues, including how important local businesses are to our economy. Best of all, she is outside of the “politics as usual model” and will absolutely get our community back on the right track.

Chris and Lisa Bonbright
Café Gratitude Venice

I worked side by side with Traci for a number of years on complex and serious legal cases. She was an exceptionally sharp and intuitive co-counsel. We achieved positive results for our clients on some very difficult issues.

Raymond E. Hane III, Esq.
California Employment Counsel, APC

Traci Park was the first person to step into the ring against the failing reign of Mike Bonin, and has been on the front lines of this battle since Day 1, engaging communities and showing true leadership. That matters. CD11 deserves a councilmember who will always be on the ground, focused on common sense, and leading from honesty and a community-first approach. Traci will do that.

Craig Greiwe
Mayoral Candidate and Founder, Rise Together


Traci Park is a rational, pragmatic, fact-based person with a practiced legal mind who can fix the district’s problems. I endorse Traci Park.

Ed Cirino
–Del Rey homeowner

Neighborhood Supporters

Jamie Apodaca – Los Angeles
Kenny Arroyo
Stephanie Baker – Venice
Karen Barber – Venice
Brad Barber – Venice
Brian Bean – Venice
Wendy Berger – Del Rey
Steve Bicknell – Del Rey Residents Association, Del Rey Neighborhood Council *
Michelle Bisnoff – Chair Emerita, Brentwood Community Council *
Ken Bisnoff – Brentwood, Co-Founder of U.S. Telepacific Corporation
Natalie Bolton – Playa del Rey
Rosina Boulos – Los Angeles
Craig Brill – Los Angeles
Connie Brooks – Friends of Venice Boardwalk, Venice Beach BID Board Member *
Pamela Brown – South Brentwood Residents Association *
Alexys Buckner – Mar Vista Neighborhood Association *
Leslie Campbell – Pacific Palisades
Shirley Burke – Los Angeles
Devin Burke – Los Angeles
Peter Carpenter – Venice
Tracy Carpenter – Venice
Alexa Carrington – Playa del Rey
Lisa Carrington – Playa del Rey
Russ Carrington – Playa del Rey
Scott Cartier – West LA
Frank Channel – Los Angeles
Paul Chorley – Playa del Ry
Maria Coray – Venice
Thomas Corte – Los Angeles
Keith Craven – Pacific Palisades
Steve Cressman – Los Angeles
Bailey Cunningham – Mar Vista
Jacob Davidson – Westchester
Karen Davidson – Westchester
Maria Davis
Frank Defurio – Venice
Brennen Degnes
Shelia Delshad – Mar Vista
Silvia Dretzka – Los Angeles
Serge Dubovitsky – Los Angeles
John Edwards –Playa del Rey
Jeff Elder – Westchester
Nancy Ellin-Edwards – Playa del Rey
Judy Esposito – Venice
Bryce Fallen – Venice
Lisa Farris – Playa Del Rey Neighbors *
Michael Fisher – Westchester
Mark Galanty – Venice
Mickey Gallagher – Venice
Robert Gannon – Venice
Glenn Garman
Jason Geater – Venice
Jan Haagen – Playa del Rey Community Above Profit *
Lucy Han – Playa del Rey Community Above Profit *
Doug Glover – Playa Vista
Jonathan Golding – Playa del Rey
Brenda Green – Westchester Loyola Friends of Library *
Steven Gruman – Los Angeles
Lori Guggenheim – Pacific Palisades
Paul Guggenheim – Pacific Palisades
David Hill – Los Angeles
Alison Hino – Los Angeles
Marsha Hood – Marina del Rey
Ester Horompoly – Los Angeles
Mary Hruska – Mar Vista
Ward Jewell – Westchester
Mariko Kahn – Marina del Rey
Renne Kaplan – Venice
Deanna Kargas
Sara Kay – Playa del Rey
Bonnie Keady – Playa del Rey
Jack Keady – Playa del Rey
Deborah Keaton
Regan Kibbee – Venice
Sue Kohl – Pacific Palisades Community Council *
Cathy Kong – Los Angeles
Deborah Konitsney – Playa del Rey
Lily Laykin – Westchester
Ruth Lawrence – Ladera
Matthew Lee
Daniel Liggett – Venice
Marianne Liggett – Venice
Jinger Lough – Del Rey
Tracie Lyons – Former President, Ladera Heights Civic Association *
Melissa Macfadyen – Venice
Mark Malconian – Los Angeles
Michele Maples – Playa del Rey
Jason Marello – Marina del Rey
Chris Marsocci – Westchester
Andrew Marton – Mar Vista Community Leader
Steve Mason
Judy V. Max – Westchester
Stephanie McCartney – Venice
Jane Meade – Marina del Rey
Constance Merritt – Westchester
Cheryl Mollicane – Venice
Greg Morena – Owner, The Albright at Santa Monica Pier & Former Santa Monica City Councilmember
Isabel Nikko Bean – West LA
Maria Pacheco – Keepers of the Lagoon, Preserving PDR *
Kamran Paydar – Brentwood
Alan Pham – Playa del Rey
Ania de Polerbaix – West LA
Sergio Popovsky
George Poppe – Los Angeles
Rebecca Poppe, Los Angeles
Darrell Preston – Playa del Rey
Mitra Rajabi
Jim Ratliff – Los Angeles
John “Rusty” Redican – Burbank
Jonathan Reitman – Los Angeles
Alan Resnik – Venice
John Revell
Alexandra Reynolds – Westchester/Playa Neighborhood Council *
Rick Rifenbark – Los Angeles
Ron Robinson – Venice
Analivia Roca – Venice
Melissa Rose – Los Angeles
David Rosen – Venice
Paula Rosen – Venice
Marshall Fred Rossmieissl
Patti Salerno – Los Angeles
Joshua Saltzman – Venice
Charlene Samiley – Mar Vista
Roman Samiley – Mar Vista
Francisco Sanchez
Nikki Sanoff – Los Angeles
Rita Satuloff – Venice
Anne Schuckman – Venice
Douglas Scotti
Benjamin Shahrabani – Venice
Daniel Shapiro, Venice
Maria Silvers – Los Angeles
Russell Silvers – Los Angeles
Connie Steppes – Ladera Heights Civic Association, Ladera Heights Community Enhancement Corp. *
Ava Stone – Del Rey Residents Association, Del Rey Neighborhood Council *
Evelyn Taplin – Los Angeles
Christina Tullock – Venice
Eric Udagawa – Los Angeles
Adrianus Van Der Mey
Dede Vlietstra – Pacific Palisades
David White – Venice
Marjorie White – Venice
Brooke Wyard – Pacific Palisades
Cynthia Wylie – Venice
Christopher Yates – Venice
Linda Zale – Los Angeles
Catherine Andrews – Pacific Palisades
Matt Andrews – Pacific Palisades
Eran Benjamin – Los Angeles
Tony Brown – Mar Vista
Martin Burns – Mar Vista
Wheeler Coberly – Los Angeles
Amy Demas – Los Angeles
April Do – Los Angeles
Nick Do – Los Angeles
Margaret Dunne – Pacific Palisades
David Dunne – Pacific Palisades
Monica Fisher – Los Angeles
Luke Fisher – Los Angeles
Renee Foster – Venice
Careen Friedland
Andrew Galker – Venice
Bryan Godwin – Pacific Palisades
Jennifer Green – Marina del Rey
Corree Grodnik – Pacific Palisades
Paul Guggenheim – Pacific Palidsades
Ashley Halverson – Mar Vista
Sarah Handley – Los Angeles
Arvid Harnqvist – Los Angeles
Eric Hartnack – Venice
Aileen Haugh – Pacific Palisades
Steve Hecker – Marina del Rey
Harmony Hoefner – Los Angeles
Jennifer Horn
Carrie Kangro – Mar Vista
Soraya Kelly – Mar Vista
Elizabeth Kemp – Mar Vista
Shawna Kenan – Westchester
Elizabeth Kline-Mullan – Los Angeles
Sheri Lopez – Los Angeles
Nick Marler – Venice
Tannaz Nikravesh-Galker, MD – Venice
Steven Okin – Los Angeles
Karen Peterson – Los Angeles
Scott Powell, MD – Venice
Mathew Satuloff – Venice
Victoria Shaw – Los Angeles
Dan Spitz – Venice
Michelle Taylor – Los Angeles
Robin Weitz – Los Angeles
Dana Zaloom – Pacific Palisades
George Zaloom – Pacific Palisades

(*) Titles are for identification purposes only; no organizational endorsements are implied.

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